Executive Director's Message - 2024

Dr. Tarek Rajji

I am honoured to have led the Toronto Dementia Research Alliance, or TDRA, over the past three and a half years, a period in which we have achieved a lot, together.

I thought I would take this opportunity to answer three common questions we receive here at TDRA.

Exactly What Does TDRA Do?

TDRA is based on the idea that to ‘do science’ properly, especially in an era of limited resources, collaboration is essential. TDRA helps promote alliances among our member sites, and with external groups, by bringing people together to discuss issues that are core to all our work in dementia: Research, Care, Education and Advocacy.

Following consultation, our bias is to do something about these common issues, be it supporting applications for cross-institutional grants, devising validated protocols together, collaborating on joint position statements, etc. Through TDRA, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

What Does It Take To Become A Member Of TDRA?

TDRA is a coalition among the University of Toronto and affiliated academic hospitals: Baycrest Health Sciences, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University Health Network, and Unity Health Toronto.

If you are a researcher, clinician, or both, working within one of these institutions on issues related to cognitive impairment and dementia, you are a member of TDRA.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Member of TDRA?

Being a member of TDRA means you have streamlined and direct access to thousands of researchers and clinicians working at TDRA’s member sites, as outlined above. If you need support finding out about work going on at other sites, or an introduction to someone, you can always reach out to us at tdra@utoronto.ca

In addition, as member of TDRA you have the opportunity to join our working groups, consult with our lived experience panel LEAP, include your studies on the TDN centralized recruiting site, present or otherwise participate in TDRA events, and have your work featured through TDRA’s blogs, monthly newsletter and other knowledge translation initiatives.

Welcome to TDRA and join us in our vision of a world without dementia.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Tarek K. Rajji, MD, FRCPC
Professor and Executive Director
Toronto Dementia Research Alliance