TDRA’s Neuromodulation for Neurocognitive Disorders Workshop

TDRA's Neuromodulation for Neurocognitive Disorders Workshop took place on November 1, 2023 at the Sheraton Toronto Hotel, from 8:00 AM-5:30 PM.

This event featured 10 expert scientific presentations, on topics ranging from focused ultrasound, to photobiomodulation, to synaptic plasticity mechanisms induced by different patterns of theta burst stimulation. Toronto houses a vibrant research and clinical community with expertise in this specialized field, which allowed the TDRA to draw from its network of hospitals, to put on this unique event.

With a lively question and answer period following each session, the Workshop was attended by over 90 researchers, clinicians, trainees, postdocs and other learners, and was CME accredited.

For further details, please see the Workshop agenda 

An interactive poster session took place at lunchtime, with 19 trainees, postdocs and other learners presenting their findings. Workshop attendees voted on posters presented, with first prize awarded to Christopher Morrone, and second prize to Eleanor Lam. More.

This inaugural Neuromodulation workshop was highly received, with the average rating for presentations at 4.5 out of a maximum of 5.

Recording of select presentations can be accessed here (need a TDRA portal registration).

Thank you to the Ontario Brain Institute for contributing to this event.

Poster Workshop- 2
Pictured presenting: Dr. Neda Rashidi-Ranjbar
Pictured presenting: Eleanor Lam
Pictured presenting: Eleanor Lam
Dr. Mina Mirjalili
Pictured: Dr. Mina Mirjalili
Poster Workshop - 1
Pictured presenting: Dr. Adrian Espiritu
Happy participant TDRA workshop
Pictured: Dr. Heather Brooks
Food at TDRA Workshop