Oct 24, 2022

Caring for Young Caregivers/Care Partners

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young carer

Many people living with dementia rely on the support of caregivers/care partners. This role is challenging; it comes with significant burden among other psychosocial effects. In recent years, this has been studied across various groups of caregivers/care partners. Unfortunately, young caregivers/care partners are often overlooked in research and support service design. 

Young people, especially those belonging to the ‘post-secondary’ population (i.e., aged 18-24), are not always identified as caregivers/care partners. It may be that their grandparent is living with dementia, and so their parent is the primary caregiver/care partner. Or, that their parent is living with dementia, but a spouse is seen as their primary caregiver/care partner. Regardless of if their role is primary or secondary, there are many cultural implications. For example, how to balance school, social life, and caregiving – especially if the person living with dementia is part of their household.

To address this gap, Tyler Redublo, TDRA Lived Experience Advisory Partners (LEAP) Council member, has developed a research project focused on facilitating the social connectedness of young caregivers/care partners of people living with dementia. This project is part of the Translational Research Program that Tyler is completing at the University of Toronto, which co-PIs Allison Alvares and Mehrdad Farahani are also part of. Dr. Mary Chiu, leader of TDRA’s Caregiving Research Working Group, will also be collaborating on this project.

The team will apply a co-design processes to meaningfully engage young caregivers/care partners in the development of interventions to support their needs. This process will help to inform the development of person-centered resources, improve awareness of this hidden population, and increase access to resources.

Project Team:

  • Allison Alvares; BSc, MHSc - Translational Research (c)
  • Mehrdad Farahani; MD, MHSc - Translational Research (c)
  • Tyler Redublo; BSc Life Sciences, MHSc -Translational Research (c)


  • Mary Chiu; PhD, Research Coordinator & Knowledge Mobilization Specialist, Research & Academics, Ontario Shores